What is Your Patient’s Experience?



You may think you are treating your patients with the best care possible. However, do you know if you have created an experience for them? One of the biggest misconceptions is that a satisfied patient is a loyal patient. Are you patients leaving your dental practice referring others? Are they writing you a five-star review?

A good tip is to start by opening up the conversation up with your team. Do you have a clear patient service standard? A few key points to highlight with them are:
Have a professional approach
Friendly + caring staff
Focus on a positive first impression
Strong communication
Quality of practice
Responsiveness of you/your team

Create (if you do not have one) a standard on how to treat patients. It should include customer service, response times, etiquette etc. Additionally, continue encouraging training programs and team building within your practice to help promote the overall patient experience.

How are you currently focusing on your patient’s experience? We would love to hear what you are doing and give you feedback! Contact us at TGNA today!

– TGNA Practice Management

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